Meet The Cast

Vince Monticciolo

a.k.a. "Taz"

Born in Brooklyn, Vince has been wrenching on cars for over 30 years. His love for classic cars and hot rods began in 1977 when he got his first Trans Am with a 400, Hurst 4 speed.  He wanted to get more power out of the car, but he was short on funds.  So, he learned how to do the work himself, modifying the engine and fabricating body panels to create a custom hot rod. 

Working with some of the best fabricators in New York, he honed his skills and became the go-to guy for enthusiasts who wanted a unique look to their classic car or hot rod.  Vince has since relocated his restoration business, “Taz’s Custom Hot Rods” to Lancaster, South Carolina in the heart of NASCAR country.

As a producer, Vince brings 30 years of photography and video experience to the table, specializing in automotive productions.  His production resume includes the television shows Cruise Control Xtreme, Chrome TV, The John Schilling Show, and Auto Motions.


LeeAnn Shattuck

a.k.a. "The Car Chick"

LeeAnn is a professional car shopper, speaker, writer, radio & television host, and racing instructor.  When she's not shopping for cars, she is driving in road course and 24 hour endurance races.  


Known around the world as “The Car Chick”, LeeAnn hosts the web series, “Shut Up & Drive” as well as “The Straight Shift” podcast.   In 2013, she was the only woman to compete in the Speed Channel’s reality show, “R U Faster Than a Redneck” with comedian Jon Reep, NASCAR legend Kenny Wallace, and “Dukes of Hazard” star John Schneider.


Through her business as a personal car shopper, LeeAnn is considered a trusted resource and a  top influencer of women consumers in the automotive industry.


Lauren Fontaine

a.k.a. "Miz Metal"

Lauren has multiple degrees in Automotive Shop Management, Auto Body and Collision Refinishing and Metal Fabrication.  She began working on cars as a teenager in Providence, Rhode Island and got her first job in a custom shop at age 17.  She has nearly 20 years experience in everything from engine swaps to wiring & electronics to auto parts management, but her passion is custom fabrication and building unique vehicles that reflect the personality and soul of the owner.



Orvis Andrews

Orvis rebuilt his first car, a 1966 Ford Galaxie500, in the backyard carport with his father, a NASCAR team mechanic, when he was just 16 years old.
Orvis followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a race car mechanic for both amateur and semi-pro race teams, including the NASA American Iron series. The highlight of his career was tuning a new Corvette Z06, which went on to become a World Challenge Car.  Orvis joined the Rust Rescue team at Taz’sCustom Hot Rods in 2016, specializing in electrical work, final assembly, engine rebuilds and tuning.



Reesie McGuigan

Reesie’s interest in cars began as a young girl, But growing up in a non-car-savvy family, she learned to wrench on her own. She bought her first car at age 17, a 1987 Nissan 300zx, because she loved the sleek lines of the classic sports car. She has since developed a passion for classic and modern Mustangs, which parallels her love of real ponies as a competitive equestrian rider and trainer.  Reesie began an apprenticeship with Vince in Taz’s Custom Hotrods in 2015, specializing in bodywork and interior restoration & customization. She loves to learn and is “not afraid to get a little dirty.”